rest (noun) 1. an instance or period of relaxing or ceasing to engage in strenuous or stressful activity.

You put your body and mind through so much in a day. Sitting at a computer for hours, taking care of your family while trying to maintain good health can stress your muscles and wear you out.

It’s time for rest.

Roger Chandler, owner and operator of Chandler Massage, is dedicated to
providing the very best massage service and health support, to help you
recover from a hard work day or a hard workout.

Your massage session is designed around your needs, incorporating a variety of styles and techniques, so that you receive a comprehensive and thorough massage treatment. Whether you prefer a deeper, firmer touch to stretch and soften your muscles after a hard workout, or something of a lighter touch to calm your nerves and allow you to gain better sleep, Chandler Massage caters to you.

*Please note, new price structure starting January 2019.
$5 off for cash payment

New location:
Chandler Massage @
The Rockridge Wellness Center
5327 College Avenue, #5
Oakland, CA. 94618